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Nutritional Counseling for Weight Loss

Long-term success in weight control requires you to understand the difference between a healthy diet and what you were eating before attending St. Joseph Health Medical Group.

Many people are familiar with the disappointment of quickly regaining lost weight after completing a diet. The reason for this is that they return to old eating patterns and their bodies, delighted that there is no longer a shortage of calories, stores as much of the excess as possible. You feel frustrated and often angry as you notice the weight returning so quickly and feel powerless to stop it.

At St. Joseph Health Medical Group, we help you avoid this situation by gradually showing you how to eat for long-term health. Our program guides you through all of the situations that we commonly encounter where food is available and we provide you with strategies for selecting appropriately and controlling what you eat.

Our focus is helping you stay healthy and happy around food because you have learned how to be in control.

What is Involved in Nutrition Counseling?

As part of a medical weight loss program, you will be asked to keep a log of your food intake and the time you spend exercising. Your personal nutritionist will review this log with you and help to identify areas that may require additional attention.

Throughout the program, your nutritionist will provide individual and group education sessions to teach you the fundamentals of good nutrition and show you how to manage your weight by making healthy food choices.

Your nutritionist will also help you if you have special dietary needs such as vegan or vegetarian diets, diet restrictions for diabetes or other medical conditions, if you require specialized information to help you deal with pregnancy, have questions about supplements, or wish to enhance your sports performance.

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