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Cancer Survivorship Program

At St. Joseph Health Medical Group, we understand that your cancer survivorship begins at the time of your diagnosis. We also understand that although cancer treatments can be life-saving, they also may have a significant impact on your well-being. That is why the goals of our Cancer Survivorship Program are to help you focus on staying well during your treatment to help you maintain your focus on restoring your health and remaining cancer free.

Patients are encouraged that no matter what lies ahead, members of St. Joseph Health Medical Group's Cancer Survivorship Program led by Primary Care Specialist Dr. Amy Shaw, will help you continue your journey forward toward a healthy life after cancer. It includes:

  • A personalized cancer treatment summary and long-term follow-up care plan
  • A long-term cancer screening plan to help monitor for possible recurrence
  • A review of your recent medical history and a physical examination to identify and help manage side effects of your cancer and its treatment
  • Coordination of care between your cancer specialists and your personal Primary Care Physician, including treatment recommendations related to:
    • Long-term complications of your cancer treatment such as osteoporosis or lymphedema
    • Non-hormonal treatments for women with menopausal symptoms
  • Information and referrals related to:
    • Cancer screening examinations and tests
    • Emotional and psychosocial impacts of your cancer treatment
    • Support for living a healthy lifestyle to reduce your cancer risk, including smoking cessation, diet and exercise
    • Community resources, including integrative and complementary services to help with cancer recovery

For more information on the Program, contact your Nurse Navigator at (707) 525-6687 or Dr. Shaw's office at (707) 525-6623

The St. Joseph Health Cancer Rehab Program in Napa and Humboldt Counties

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