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Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer starts in the ovaries. Most ovarian tumors are epithelial cell tumors, which are tumors that start from the cells that cover the outer surface of the ovary. Germ cell tumors start from the cells that produce the eggs and stromal tumors start from structural tissue cells that hold the ovary together and produce the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. Women with ovarian cancer may not have any symptoms, but the most common ones include bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, trouble eating or feeling full quickly, and urinary urgency or frequency.

BGJ398 for patients with FGFR altered tumors

  • FGFR mutation
  • At least one prior treatment for recurrent, metastatic and/or locally advanced disease
  • All patients receive treatment with BGJ398 for FGFR mutated ovarian cancer
  • Main study doctor (Principal Investigator): Ian Anderson, MD
  • For more information, please contact the lead coordinator, Stephanie Bjornstrom, at 707-521-3810 or at Stephanie.bjornstrom@stjoe.org